Kratom: Recipes

Kratom RecipesMany Kratom users strive to find an easier way to digest their Kratom. Much like any other natural supplement, there are recipes that can be made to help in the process of digesting easier. Some are actual meals that can be made as a pain relieving or energizing substitute and some are just more efficient ways to take Kratom on a daily basis. Let’s first start with the day to day tips for Mitragyna Speciosa.

For starters there is always the traditional toss-and-wash accompanied with a sweet juice. Sweet, citrus flavored drinks like help to eliminate that Kratom taste. The acidic nature of drinks such as lemonade helps you to metabolize the Kratom. Orange juice and lemonade are great choices, but remember to try and stay on the healthy side and avoid juices with high fructose syrup as the main ingredient. There is also the option of Applesauce or even Chocolate Pudding. Applesauce that contains cinnamon or added cinnamon is one of you best bets are the potency of the cinnamon’s taste will help compensate for Kratom’s lack of tastiness. You simply combine your preferred amount of Kratom with the applesauce, mix well and eat-this also goes for Chocolate pudding.

As for recipes there are plenty, here are just a few. First is to make or buy Kratom Pizza, sound yummy, right? All this lovely meal requires is your favorite pizza topping with your preferred amount of Kratom. When mixing the pizza crust you add in the amount of Kratom you would like to take, bake it at a normal temperature and it’s ready to go. Second is a Mocha Frappuccino, much like the chocolate pudding the chocolate flavor in the mudslide will overtake the Kratom taste. Just mix the powder in when blending the drink and you are good to go!

Kratom is known for its bitter taste and can sometimes be a deciding factor in whether a person will take it or not. Capsules are expensive, but powder makes things ten times easier and with your new found Kratom recipes it will taste better too!